Gareth Stackhouse
Gareth StackhouseCondominium Lawyer
Gareth has specialized in condo law since 2015. He acts as general counsel to condominium corporations, helping them solve a wide range of condominium law questions. Gareth is adept at finding common-sense solutions to legal problems. Day-to-day, he provides client counsel efficiently and in plain language, assisting businesses and communities in moving forward while understanding and minimizing risks.

Gareth Stackhouse, Condominium Lawyer

Gareth Stackhouse is counsel to Common Ground Condo Law, working closely with principal Chris Jaglowitz.

Active in the Canadian Condominium Institute, Gareth is a publisher, lecturer and expert resource. He frequently writes and speaks on condominium topics.

Deep condo law experience

Gareth assists clients with every legal issue that walks in their front doors. For condominium corporations, he handles a wide range of Condominium Act, 1998 issues, including:

  • condominium documents and agreements
  • commercial and construction contracts
  • shared facilities matters
  • building deficiencies
  • statutory and regulatory compliance
  • corporate governance
  • technical real estate matters (including zoning and use issues), and
  • alternative dispute resolution and litigation management.

Personal and career highlights

Gareth has called small-town Ontario (the Ottawa Valley and, the near north) and Toronto “home”. He’s also lived in Nova Scotia and on New Zealand’s South Island.

He earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Dalhousie University and then attended law school at Queen’s University. After articling with a Bay Street firm in Toronto, Gareth was called to the bar in 2012.

Since then, he’s gained a variety of experience, from practicing corporate, real estate, and wills/estate law in Collingwood to running his own firm in Toronto until he joined a condo law boutique and got caught up in the world of condo law. From there he returned to Bay Street prior to joining Common Ground Condo Law.

Condo law is a great fit for Gareth, it allows him to leverage his condo knowledge with his corporate, commercial, and real estate experience. He sees each condo law file as a legal adventure.

Joining Common Ground Condo Law

When Chris established Common Ground Condo Law he developed a new (and constantly evolving) platform for a “client centered” condo law firm.  Common Ground responds to the unique requirements of our dynamic, fast-paced industry with sector focused insight, practical solutions, a cross-functional team, and technology-forward systems. Gareth is very pleased to be part of this new paradigm in condo law!

Whether guiding a passionate volunteer condo director on ways to enhance their community, or facilitating a path to resolution for a daunting legal issue, Gareth is committed to delivering practical and valuable counsel to Common Ground clients.

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