Valerie MacNeill
Valerie MacNeillCondo Management Specialist

Valerie MacNeill, Condo Management Specialist

Common Ground Condo Law is supported by Condo Management Specialist Valerie MacNeill. She works closely with founder Chris Jaglowitz and a wide range of Common Ground clients. Val is proud to be part of a firm that is reshaping how condo legal services are delivered and especially by helping condo corporations hold their owner meetings by electronic means.

Offering real condo management experience

Valerie brings a deep understanding of condo management to this unique role, the first of its kind in Ontario. Valerie understands the condo manager’s view because she’s been there.

Since 2011, she’s honed her condo management skills on the job. In 2016, she earned her RCM, becoming a licensed and registered condo manager. She brings with her a great deal of practical knowledge and experience in building, compliance and the trades.

Fondly referred to as a ‘Property manager to legal dictionary’, Val has an uncanny ability to liase with condo managers, to ask the right questions, gather information in a timely manner and keep priorities on track, all because she understands what they’re going through.

Having Val as a resource is proving to offer enormous value and efficiency for Common Law clients, while saving their budgets. Whether she’s administrating meetings, drafting letters or preparing documents for a board-directed legal escalation, Val happily puts her real world experience and investigative and collaborative skills to work.

Personally, Val is committed to learning and growth. Increasingly focused on the legal side of her profession, Val is excited to have begun her paralegal studies at Mohawk College in January 2021.

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