Welcome to Common Ground, a condo law practice with uncommon sense.

After almost 20 years of law practice, mostly serving condo corporations, I’ve learned a few things:

  • What condo managers, corporations and boards want from a law firm
  • How and when they need those things, and
  • What they do not want from a law firm.

Fact is, the way legal services are delivered hasn’t changed much in decades.

Many lawyers have good intentions to cover off risk. But bureaucracy and reluctance to adopt technology to better serve clients adds complexity and slows down the delivery of legal services.

In the meantime, condo managers’ and boards’ needs are changing. The pace is faster and more furious than ever before.  And the stakes could not be higher.

The birth of Common Ground

For a number of years, I saw (and heard) what my clients struggled with. I began to see opportunities to help them. And to deliver condo law in a whole new and uncommon way.

I envisioned a condo law firm that combines progressive thinking, technology – and the best of personal legal advice. A firm that:

  • Offered deep experience in condo law, pragmatic counsel – and exceptional individualized service
  • Delivered straightforward legal advice quickly, potentially avoiding painful and costly escalations
  • Leveraged technology to empower the client, reduce their stress and help control their legal spend

In January 2020, I launched Common Ground Condo Law with this vision in mind.

Our core values

In this industry, the relationships between all parties are deep and long-lasting. And for those involved in condo communities, they’re also highly personal.

Our vision is to help divided condominium communities find common ground, by delivering condo legal services that:

  • Support clients when and how they need it
  • Prevent or minimize divisive and costly disputes
  • Are practical, and grounded in uncommon sense.

Our core values govern how we serve you, our clients, every day.

These are some of the ways we deliver legal services with uncommon sense.

We’re a new firm that opened our doors in January 2020. It’s an exciting time for us, and we have plenty of innovations planned and in the works.

Curious to know how we’ll get it done?

Our vision into action – Here’s exactly how we plan to put Our Vision into action: the systems, the processes, the exceptional service that will make it happen.