This page gives you a sneak peak of exactly how we’ll put Our Vision into action, and deliver condo legal services with uncommon sense.

We’re committed to providing you with insightful legal advice, technology that controls your spend and makes your life easier  and exceptional service.

As we’re a new firm, we have many services ready to go. And many plans in the works, which we’ve noted below as “coming soon”.

We’ll be updating this page as we launch new products and services in the coming months. If you want to be notified of new offerings, sign up here.

Good legal advice upfront is worth its weight in gold

We believe in delivering legal advice as early as possible, to avoid costly and painful escalations.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Make legal advice accessible using technology, and provide quick periodic consults through online booking

  • Develop upfront strategies to increase your success rate and minimize your risk and cost. For example, rather than reacting to emotional situations, pragmatically devise and implement a comprehensive plan to achieve the desired outcome

  • Evaluate claims early to minimize or avoid messy, costly disputes. For example, imagine chasing a $750 chargeback that leads to three years of litigation and legal bills of over $100,000
  • Communicate appropriately, the way that suits the situation. For some situations, a quick simple answer over the phone will suffice. For other situations, short comments by email or a formal written opinion is appropriate, to create a record that’s preserved for years to come

Working with you to increase efficiency

How we’ll get it done:

  • Stick to our core expertise and refer you to experts for specialty work

  • Assign the correct person to perform any particular task, so that it’s done efficiently, and economically

  • Ask you for your specific questions, and answer those questions quickly and succinctly

  • Use realistic assumptions and give you a practical route forward, instead of exploring “every possibility in the book”

  • Routinely double-check condo meeting forms to avoid costly mistakes

  • Host and chair condo owner meetings electronically

  • Return calls and emails promptly: telephone tag is not an option!

  • Offer a client portal where you can generate and store condo docs and relevant materials, so they’re handy for quick reference (coming soon)

  • Embrace electronic signatures to respect managers’ and directors’ time

  • Share our insight and experience about third party service providers

Condo managers don’t work 9 to 5, and neither do we

We’re designing Common Ground around our clients’ schedules.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Offer live phone reception from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays

  • Provide after-hours emergency manager support, ideally with notice

  • Attend owners’ and board meetings on evenings and weekends

  • Offer a client portal that will facilitate 24/7 access, upload and download of documents

  • Automate proposal generation for managers and boards seeking legal help

  • Deploy online chatbot to answer inquires and facilitate onboarding

  • Offer online calendaring for phone consults and owner meetings

  • For rule enforcement requests and other routine business, request details upfront using an online interview-style questionnaire (to help us understand your case quickly, and not waste time asking you to fill in the details afterwards)

Helping you streamline your administration and enhance security

We’ll be offering a client portal to help you streamline administration, organize your documents and communications between us, and get case updates (coming soon)

Get new clients onboard efficiently

  • Automate initial client intake and self-service updates to ensure complete and current information

  • Use standard request and intake forms to gather essential information fast

Self-serve document management in the cloud

  • Offer a self-service client portal, to house documents and perform a number of tasks

  • Go completely to the cloud, using industry-leading security

  • Use OCR for all electronic documents to permit in-text keyword searching

  • Maintain files in electronic form only – to keep great records but with no paper

  • Use document management system that controls versions and minimizes errors

  • Cut down on emails and reduce using email attachments by communicating within the portal – let’s all get to “Inbox Zero”

Clear, transparent billing and flexible payments

  • For legal bills, clearly describe work performed, time expended and cost
  • Email legal bills to clients in PDF, with a layout managers may specify
  • Store legal bills in client portal for easy subsequent reference
  • Gladly accept electronic and credit card bill payments online, through our portal

Helping you control your legal spend

How we’ll get it done:

  • Work efficiently and harness rapidly-advancing technologies to save time, reduce turnaround, and eliminate errors

  • Quote flat fees for standard projects and for selected larger projects

  • Offer fair hourly rates

  • Bill work immediately on task completion and anytime “on demand”

  • Explore subscription pricing for bundles of commonly-used valuable services

  • Add value at every step, or delete the step

  • Assign the right person to the right job

Speeding the collection of outstanding (critical) common expenses

How we’ll get it done:

  • Provide respectful, fair but firm debt collection services

  • Offer online submission for lien service requests

  • Provide tighter integration with your management accounting packages

  • Give owners and mortgagees short but fair deadlines to clear debts, leading to earlier payments

  • Allow defaulting owners to pay the legal fees online by credit card

  • Collect fees for lien registration or enforcement work from the defaulting owner or mortgagee (in other words, the Corporation doesn’t pay)

  • Offer step-by-step support for managers, when we sell units under power of sale

  • Use electronic payments, rather than remitting funds to clients by cheque

  • Allow managers to stay informed of progress, by providing a client portal that houses updates and docs

What do you think so far?

We’ll be rolling out these and other client products and services in the next few months.  Check back often to see our progress and tell us what you think.

Meanwhile, have we missed something?  What would you add to vanquish a pet peeve of yours?  Contact us.

Would you like to be notified when we launch new services, such as online scheduling and online document preparation?  Yes, notify me.

Let’s work together

As we’re a new firm, we have many services ready to go.  And many plans in the works, which we’ve noted below as “coming soon”.

We’ll be updating this page as we launch new products and services in the coming months.  If you want to be notified of new offerings, sign up here.