This Toronto Condo Lawyer is reshaping how condo legal services are delivered

I’m Chris Jaglowitz.  I’ve been a Toronto Condominium Lawyer since 2003, serving Ontario condominium corporations, managers and boards.  

If you’re a condo manager, or you serve on a condo board, you may already know me.

Over the years, I’ve done the legal work you need.  I’ve also listened to your frustrations and together we’ve faced industry challenges.  I know how you want your legal work delivered.

Common Ground Condo Law has been designed with your legal issues and needs in mind:

Announcing Common Ground, a condominium law firm with uncommon sense.

We offer a full range of condominium legal services for Ontario condominium corporations.  Plus we have a number of exciting projects in the works to serve you even better.  Sign up below and we’d be happy to keep you updated.

Advice and strategy

The best condo boards and managers seek legal advice early and often, when it matters most. But playing phone tag can be frustrating. Long-winded opinions that don’t answer your question, are irrelevant or just ramble on – are of no help.

Dispute resolution

Condominium living isn’t always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Condo corporations must sometimes flex their muscles to ensure the rights of all owners and residents are respected and the interests of the entire corporation are protected.

Lien enforcement

If unit owners do not pay their share of the common expenses in a timely way, condominium corporations are soon in deep trouble.  Corporations have the legal right to aggressively collect the debt through a lien on the property.

Have we got plans. Want to be the first to know?

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