Chris Jaglowitz
Chris JaglowitzPrincipal
Chris has practised condominium law and dispute resolution since 2003. He serves condo communities across Ontario with focused, straightforward advice delivered promptly, at a fair price. He represents condominium corporations before courts and tribunals. Chris also acts as a firm but fair owners’ meeting chairperson at several dozen condo AGMs each year across the province.

Chris Jaglowitz, Condominium Lawyer

Chris Jaglowitz is the principal of Common Ground Condo Law. 

Common sense advice

Over the years, Chris has earned a reputation for giving insightful, no-nonsense advice. He offers creative solutions to resolve most condo disputes early and painlessly, before they escalate.

Deep condo law experience

Chris has a long history of active engagement in the condo industry. Since 2003, he’s actively participated in and supported the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, multiple chapters of the Canadian Condominium Institute, and the Ontario Bar Association.

From 2012 to 2014, Chris assisted the Ontario Government’s review of the Condo Act by sitting on its working groups and expert panel. Throughout that process, Chris called for meaningful reforms and manager regulation, which came true with the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015.

He denies any involvement in designing the awful new condo forms but promises to support any effort to improve them.

Publisher, lecturer and teacher

In addition to publishing the award-winning Ontario Condo Law Blog from 2008 to 2019, Chris has written and lectured extensively on condominium law and civil litigation topics at seminars, conferences and courses for legal professionals, condominium managers, directors and unit owners.

He taught condo law at Humber College and sits on the CMRAO’s advisory committee for setting educational standards for condo managers.

Personal and career highlights

Chris grew up in Norfolk County on the north shore of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario, attended McMaster University, and then University of Windsor law school.

After his call to the bar in 2001, Chris practised debt collection, commercial litigation and construction law. In 2003, he joined a boutique condominium law firm in Toronto, becoming partner in 2013.

If asked to describe the highlight of his legal career so far, Chris would tell you about the AGMs he attended where the unit owners came together after many years of bitter conflict and deep divisions. During those meetings, they took charge of their collective destiny and emerged as strong, unified communities.

The legwork leading up to these transformations was taken on by a small group of key personnel with help from their professionals. But it took the whole community to make it happen.

Being part of these changes and witnessing the end result is what motivates Chris to do his best work every day.

The launch of Common Ground Condo Law

Chris launched Common Ground Condo Law in January 2020. It’s a culmination of his deep experience in this dynamic, rapidly-growing and fast-paced industry, and a dream come true.

Through Common Ground Common Law, Chris intends to change how condominium legal services are delivered.

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