Welcome to Common Ground Condo Law!

After 16+ years at another firm and 10+ years publishing the Ontario Condo Law Blog, launching a new firm (and blog!) seemed a logical next step in my evolution. It’s also the best way I can help provide better legal services to the condo corporations and their managers I’ve worked alongside these many years.

I invite you to explore our website and especially Our Vision, and our plan to put that vision into action.  Stay tuned for updates by subscribing in the box at bottom of the screen.

Last, I’m very grateful to everyone who expressed their support and encouragement in the weeks leading up to and following our launch. Very best to all of you and yours for the new year and new decade!

I leave you with the firm’s launch announcement, running in the local condo magazines this month, here.

And because several people asked about it, the reason the word “freaking” appears in the headline of our launch ad is to tie-back to the bold header of my most popular blog post, here, on the “freaking awful” new Condo Act forms.  Long-time readers and fans will be glad to know that I’ll continue advocating strongly for condo communities across Ontario with direct and hard-hitting commentary on topics near and dear to all our hearts.

Thanks for joining us.

Chris Jaglowitz